Detective Services in Pune

Best and Authentic high level intelligence gathering Agency in Pune, Maharashtra - Detective Agency in Pune with Best Private Detectives in Pune, Maharashtra, Provides Core Investigative Services like Personal, Commercial, Matrimonial, Missing, Fingerprinting, DNA, Debugging Investigation in Pune, Maharashtra

Personal Investigation Services


Personal Investigations are a type of inquiry made about an individual person to get detailed facts and information about various issues like credit, employment, tenancy, insurance, marital issues, kids performance, etc from different sources apart from the actual subject of investigation. Personal investigations are done by dedicated private investigation firms and include civil, criminal or personal information for the purpose of corporate, legal or private clients. Public records about an individual include records filed or recorded by federal, state, local or any other government agency, court cases, parking & traffic tickets, rental records and insurance claims. These records can be mapped together to quickly give a full report about any person based on their personal details.


There are many different types of Personal Investigations which may range from Pre Matrimonial, Divorce Data Collection,  Maintenance assistance, Child custody, Missing persons locator, Surviellence Counter Surviellence, 

Corporate Investigation Services

Corporate Investigations thoroughly investigate business operations, which is why these types of cases are also called business investigations. A corporate investigation generally tries to find out whether a business partner is legitimate, whether a potential business merger makes sense, or whether fraud or embezzlement is going on. While these are the most common types of company investigations, though, these cases can cover a wide range of topics, from intellectual property, to criminal inquiries to financial searches. It is all up to you and your business needs.

Corporate Investigators incorporates a unique blend to investigation services which can help you to prevent the corporate crime and fraud with high risk profiling which can cause a significant loss in future and to avoid committing costly mistakes versus decisions. Our main goal is to vanish corporate crime to prevent you from future loss and to help you at the early stage for taking right decision of future concern. Our unique approach of investigation and consistency for providing excellent services marked us in the category of triumphant organizations. For rendering the above services, we have gathered and chosen excellent and high caliber corporate investigators for the discreet corporate investigations under ethics.

We provide corporate intelligence and surveillance for all big corporate houses throughout the nation.  As you can imagine the damage caused in the proper functioning by the virtue of deliberate fraud, negligence, staff or union activity, leaking of business plans or strategy, loss of man hours/production hours or defective production, rejection of produce and any other inter related subject which could have been prevented by mounting a proper checking mechanism by a competent Investigation agency.

In an ever evolving business environment success or failure, to a great extent, is determined by the information available about the business and competitor.

This becomes even more important when an organization is planning a business or an investment in a booming yet culturally different economy like India. We assist our clients by providing intelligence and analysis of a client’s prospective market, key competitors and their own operations in India.

Our corporate intelligence services include pre joint venture due diligence, asset verifications, IT returns, vendor verifications, political analysis, geo location risk analysis, SWOT analysis of the market and competitor’s prospects, etc.


Matrimonial Investigation Services


Matrimonial Investigations are an important contract in modern day life. It can change the whole course of your life. Why not be attentive and know facts before hand before you get married. We carry out extensive and intensive private investigations about the boy/girl.

Sharp Detective Agency has been undertaking Matrimonial Investigation Assignments, since the last 44 years, at a very high success rate. This dimension of our services is more focused as our social commitment, than of a major business interest. Like everybody else we also want to believe that marriages are made in heaven, but being Professional Investigators, we will recommend thorough investigations to ensure that the marriages remains that way.


It is a misnomer that the Matrimonial Investigation Assignments are very expensive. Please do not hesitate to contact us, for any advice and help on any of the subjects.

Debugging-Fingerprint-Handwriting-DNA Investigation Services

Debugging Investigation Services is a kind of methodical process that helps to reduce and find out the defects or bugs in a particular electronic hardware or computer program. The process has many aspects such as control flow, log files; integration testing etc. this process also monitors various application system, profiling, memory dumps, statistical process management etc.

This is a fairly new form of detection that organizations, individual and certain stakeholders are now using. The use of technology or hidden cameras or hidden listening devices which report back to a third party or are internally recorded and then are retrieved at a later stage. There are close to 500 different types of hidden or covert devices in the market which are being used, the battery life can range from 1 hour to 45 days. Finding and eliminating hidden cameras and recording devices in homes, offices, cars etc in Pune, Maharashtra.

Debugging is a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, or defects, in a computer program or a piece of electronic hardware, thus making it behave as expected.

We utilizes state-of-the-art electronic countermeasures equipment, applied tradecraft, and a thorough physical search, we will sweep the entire radio spectrum for clandestine transmitters, hidden microphones, wireless video cameras, tape recorders, and phone taps. We will inspect vehicles for listening devices or GPS tracking units.

If electronic devices have been placed in a home, office, business or vehicle, we will locate them, and neutralize them, sometimes we are able to also track backwards and are able to info who in the first place and placed them.

Bugging is currently the easiest way to get information from any parties, we as Pune's foremost authority in private investigations highly recommend that a site debugging is carried out for bugs, hidden audio/video devices, etc. A "bug sweep" (sterilization) is performed to locate a bug, wiretap, audio or video device in an office, residence, cell phone, car, land line, or numerous other places where eavesdropping can occur. Bug sweeps can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, all depending on the complexity of the bug, and severity of the breach. There are no bug detection services available although some fly by night operators may claim to be capable, thus you should choose the service that provides the most comprehensive spy detection, telephone bug detection, and surveillance detection. Just keep in mind that anybody with Power, Money, Influence, or access to personal, sensitive, or classified information or documents is at serious risk for electronic eavesdropping.

We as one of the oldest private detective service provider in Pune, Maharashtra highly recommend all who are at a risk of having their activities recorded to carry out our debugging services at their offices, cars, homes, etc.

Is your home or office bugged? Sharp Detective Agency Pune is a fully licensed, bonded and insured private detective agency in Pune, Maharashtra that can successfully perform bug sweeps and offer expert debugging service. We’ll easily find the hidden microphones, transmitters, and video cameras that may have been illegally placed in your home or office. You will soon regain that peace of mind that comes from knowing that confidential conversations, corporate secrets, and other sensitive information are safe and secure. 

Safeguard your valuable information by electronic sweeps that detect, identify and neutralize bugs in the form of micro transmitters that transmit your voice outside the premises, micro video transmitters that transmit video as well, besides micro recorders that record voice as well as videos of important conferences, boardroom meetings, prelaunch strategies etc. The bugs could be in your telephone instruments, telephone lines, power lines, cars etc which could go un noticed during sweeps by amateurs posing as experts in this field.

Handwriting analysis is an extremely difficult science. Our detective agency in Pune utilizes various handwriting analysts who can determine the age, sex, identity, etc of the writer after comparative study is carried out on samples. It's not a skill you can learn through simple repetition. In order to do a good job, you need a strong natural "gut" psychological sense in addition to rigorous application of both standard and innovative theories.


Fingerprint analyses again is a very difficult subject; we as Pune’s premier private detective agency use state of the art technology to verify finger prints, which can help is various situations. The investigation and identification of fingerprints is known as ‘dactyloscopy’ in forensic science. In this, an impression of the ridges of the finger found at the crime scene are mapped and matched to an existing database of fingerprints or any suspects that the client may have. As every person has a unique fingerprint, this is a fairly accurate method of finding out the identity of suspects.


We at Sharp Detective Agency Pune who offer fingerprint investigation services carry advanced equipment and resources to help professionally conduct the enquiry. In most cases, both ink print method and digital technology is used to conduct the fingerprint investigation.


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